Outta Here

Well, this never really started but it’s now over.

So get your ass on over to Radical Cross Stitch.



Ninja Styles

Graffiti Ninja Handbag in action!

No ninja girl can be complete without a handbag!

This bag is perfectly sized for your textas for making art, camera to take photos of it and phone to text ya crew where to find your mad art. Or just put something heavy in it…

The bag is denim with an original hand embroidered design. The bag was rescued from impending landfill doom.

In store now!

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Spread the [Love] Money


This is Maria

Maria is 21 years old and single. She lives with her mother and she works in the production of tablecloths, napkins and other embroidered products. She and her mother don’t have their own shop, so they sell their crafts to wholesalers who in turn sell to the Santo Domingo artisan’s market. She also sells special orders to people in the community.

I just loaned Maria $25.

With this loan, she hopes to buy more thread and fabric to increase production and sell in a small shop that is frequented by tourists.

This is called Mutual Aid. Not Colonial Aid. Not Corrupt Government Aid. Not Celebrity Ego Enhancing Aid. Rather, Actual Aid.

And when this loan is repaid. I’ll find another Maria.

The money I loaned Maria was from the profits I made from selling my own embroidery. And that’s about 95% of my profits so far. So hopefully some of you out there with a slightly higher income can lend some money too.

Punk Princess

I got given this ‘interesting’ dress as a present for Tara and decided it just needed a bit of altering…

Anarchist dress

And up close…

Anarchist dress stitching detail

And in action…

Anarchist dress in action

“Smash the Patriarchy!!!!”

Sorry not selling this one.

Gallery added

I have added a gallery to this site to show off all of my products.

This will get more exciting I assure you!

I’m finishing a piece for exhibition at the moment but once that’s finished, I’ve got lots of smaller projects to make and will load them up as soon as they’re finished.

In the meantime, feel free to visit my Mintd Store to see the hoodie.


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